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Write the complete ionic equation for Cu(NO3(aq)+K2S(aq)and namd write the formula for the spectator ions in this reaction? This is what I got pls. check it:
complete ionic equation: Cu^19aq)+K^1(aq)+S^-2(aq)=K^1(aq)+NO3^-1(aq)+Cu2S(s)
net ionic equation:
now i can't figure out the spectator ions here pls help thanks

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    You have a number of what I suspect are typos but rather than take them one at a time I think it is most expedient to simply answer the questions.
    I think must have meant Cu(NO3)2. The balanced molecular equation follows.
    Cu(NO3)2(aq) + K2S(aq) ==> CuS(s) + 2KNO3

    Then you break each of the molecules down if they are soluble and ionized. The complete ionized equation follows.
    Cu^2+(aq) + 2NO3^-(aq) + 2K^+(aq) + S^2-(aq) ==> Cus(s) + 2K^+(aq) + NO3^-(aq).

    Use the complete ionization equation to obtain the net ionic equation by canceling ions common to both sides.
    2NO3^-(aq) occur on both sides. Cancel them. 2K^+(aq) occur on both sides. Cancel them. What's left is the net ionic equation.

    Cu^2+(aq) + S^2-(aq) ==> CuS(s)

    That only leaves you to name the spectator ions. Where are they? Those are the ones you canceled in the step above to obtain the net ionic equation. So K^+ and NO3^- are the spectator ions.

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    thanks now I understand way to go

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    so wrong post

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