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I need help in translating these sentences (lazy)

The master's son used to give money to men in front of the temple.

We will praise the Romans, for their fame is great.

Will you help the sick women?

Report the news to the sailors now.

For a long time, the queen did not desire to give her kingdom to her son.

They will beg the gods for great wisdom and a happy life.

Boys and girls, be quiet and I will tell the people a strange story.

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    Please let me know what you have done for each of these sentences. Once I see what you have done, I can help you better.

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    1 Domini fili utit dare pecuniam

    2 Laudabimus , enim (their) famae est magna.

    3 Iuvabone aegrae feminam?

    4 Nunti,(news) ad nautam nunc

    5 Diu, regina non optabat dare regnam ad filiam

    6 Orabunt deum magnae sapientiae et laetae vitae

    7 Pueri et puella, tacete et vocabo populus fabulam novam

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    1. How many sons does that master have? And what about the rest of that sentence? Rethink this sentence in these ways:

    Son - nominative singular
    master's = of the master - genitive singular
    used to give - singular verb in imperfect tense
    money - accusative singular
    to men - dative plural
    in front of - use a preposition
    the temple - (the case will depend on the preposition you decide on)

    Fix this sentence and let me know what you decide on.

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    Just one but the I thought the I was for the genitive case or it would just be filius?

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    "Son" won't be in the genitive; only "master's" will needs to be in the genitive. It's the possessive. So yes,

    Filius domini...

    In English, "used to..." is one way we can
    translate the Latin imperfect. Scrap having two words, and just use the correct imperfect form of dare for the main verb in this sentence.

    pecuniam is right, but I still don't see the prepositional phrase you need to end that first sentence.

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    Here are two excellent websites to help you:

    I'll see if I can find more.

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    Thanks for the help :)

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    You're welcome.

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