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Intergated chemistry/physics

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You are riding a 30 pound bicycle and you weigh 150 pounds. You are travelling at 20 miles per hour and fail to notice the 30 pound dog is in your path. If you transfer half of your momentum to this dog, what speed could he potentially reach?

  • Intergated chemistry/physics -

    1) Momentum = (150lb+30lb)(20mi/hr) = _______lb*hrs
    2) Find half of the above answer
    3) momentum = mass x velocity, or
    p = mv
    Substitute the value of p from step 2 and 30lbs for the mass of the dog in the above equation. Solve for V.
    Please note: The unit of momentum here is 1 lb*hr. Not the standard momentum unit but it is conveneient here.

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