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A car accelerates at a constant rate of 3.42 m/s2 from rest at the beginning of a freeway entrance ramp. At the end of the ramp the car has a speed of 25.49 m/s. How long is the ramp?

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    s=v²/2a=25.49²/2•3.42 =95 m

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    just use this equation and remember that initial velocity is zero because the car began at rest

    (final velocity)^2 = (initial velocity)^2 + 2*(acceleration)*(displacement)

    you may need to rearrange the equation to say that

    ((final veocity)^2-(initial velocity)^2))/(2*accerleration) = d

    so it would look like this

    if you plug and chug you should be able to get the answer.

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