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Homework Help: English III Archetype

Posted by Claire on Wednesday, October 3, 2012 at 6:28pm.

what is the archetype in the story of Ishmael? Here's my summary.

Abram and Sarai were unable to have children. Sarai was barren. In order to build a family, she allowed her slave Hagar to become Abram’s wife. Abram slept with Hagar and she became pregnant. This led Hagar to despise Sarai. Sarai blamed Abram for Hagar’s despise so he told Sarai to do what’s best. Sarai resolved to mistreat her so that she would run away. The angel of the Lord spoke to Hagar and told her to return to Sarai. He told her that her descendants were to be numerous and she would give birth to a son named Ishmael. Ishmael was prophesied to be an outcast; A “wild donkey of a man…with everyone’s hands against him… living in hostility toward all his brothers”. Ishmael is commonly used as an allusion to outcasts in novels.
Symbol: an outcast
Archetype: ?
Theme: ?
Concept: ?

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