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balanced equation
mg+ pbcl2---mgcl2+pb

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    Your laziness leaves me bewildered. I suppose we are supposed to know mg is magnesium and not milligrams. And mgcl2 (whew!).
    Mg + PbCl2 ==> MgCl2 + Pb
    You should be able to count and know this equation is balanced as is.

    F + NaBr = FBr + Na. What comic book did you use to find this one. Again, it is balanced as is and you should be able to count atoms and know that it is balanced. BUT the products are not right. You should have
    F2 + 2NaBr ==> 2NaF + Br2

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    thank you.
    I always want to know if i am doing the right procedure for i want make your if i did balanced the equation.

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