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This problem is derived from a video shown in class. A small cart is rolling down an inclined track and accelerating. It fires a ball perpendicular to the inclined track as it moves. The origin of the reference frame is located at the spot from where the ball is shot out. The x-axis of the reference frame points downward along the inclined track. The y-axis of the reference frame points upward perpendicular to the inclined track.

The angle of the incline is 30°. When the ball is shot out with a 6m/s velocity perpendicular to the inclined track, the cart is moving at 5m/s along the inclined track. Please round your answers to 2 decimal places.

Along the inclined track, where is the cart one second after the ball is shot out?

in the x direction

Where is the ball located one second after it is shot out?

in the x and y direction

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