February 25, 2017

Homework Help: Math ( composite functions )

Posted by Mira on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 at 12:43am.

I need some help with composite functions
where i have to find the f(g(x)) and g(f(x)) on most of them I just couldn't figure out how to multiply....

1) f(x) = ³√x-5 , g(x) = x^3 + 1
So I started on this one and i got confused with the cubed
then for g(f(x)) = (³√x-5)^3+1
I couldn't figure out how to solve with the cubes please help :) thank you

2) f(x)=√x , g(x) = 2x-3
f(g(x))= √2x-3
g(f(x))= 2(√x)-3
Am I done here for finding the f(g(x)) and g(f(x)) ? Or do I have to go a step further?

3) f(x)= x^2/3 , g(x) = x^6
f(g(x))= (x^6)^2/3
g(f(x))= (x^2/3)^6
how would I multiply this?

4) f(x)= 3/x^2-1 , g(x) = x+1
f(g(x))= 3/(x+1)^2-1
g(f(x))= 3/x^2-1 + 1

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