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I'm having a hard time understanding Endothermic and Exothermic reactions, like their standard format and stuff. For Exothermic reactions the heat is getting released into the surroundings, the products will be less than the reactants, so I would assume the products to be like negative, but for Exothermic its:


^ I don't get why 483>6kJ is positive on the products side, by looking at that I would assume it's endothermic, but its not :|

For endothermic its:


^ I thought that this would be exothermic because for exothermic the reactants side is more than the products. And for endothermic the reactants side is less than the products side. I am confused about exothermic and endothermic reactions.

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    exothermic: heat is given off, so it is on the right side as a +, ie, heat is a product.

    for endothermic: heat is absorbed, so it is on the reactant side as a add.

    Now later on, it gets confusing, but not now.

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    Alright but since heat is released wouldn't it be negative? the H notation?

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