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A spy satellite is in circular orbit around Earth. It makes one revolution in 6.01 hours.
(a) How high above Earth's surface is the satellite?
[Answer in Km]
(b) What is the satellite's acceleration?
[Answer in m/s^2]
I see this posted over and over again and I have about 4 equations, 20 different answers, and none are correct.

NOTE: There is no radius or velocity available to enter into the equations. I have used T=2 pi sqrt(r^3/G) and the r is bigger than earths radius so I can't subtract! are my units jacked up or what! I have spent hours on this and I can't stand it anymore!!!!

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    Your basic equations are

    Newtons gravity equation, and centripetal force. Set them equal.
    Then remember velocity=2PI r/Period
    keep units in SI.

    Remember the trick in a: when you find r, subtract the radius of earth.

    Why are you grazing for answers? I will check your work if you do the above, and post it. R has to be bigger than earth, of course, it is outside Earth.

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    I am grazing for answers because I spent 5 hours or more manipulating basically 1 equation and plugging in numbers to no avail. I was using my e^x function as 10^x. 8-/

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