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Homework Help: Chemistry Pretest

Posted by Sarah on Friday, September 28, 2012 at 7:15am.

Fe can be prepared as 2 Al + Fe2O3 ----> 2 Fe + Al2O3. Suppose that 0.450 moles of Fe2O3 are reacted with an excess of Al. Suppose that 43.6 grams of Fe are obtained. What is the percent yield of Fe?

a) 16.2%
b) 60.7%
c) 86.7%
d) 43.4%

Percent yield= actual yield of product divided by theoretical yield of product times 100.

The actual yield is stated to be 43.6 g of Fe, so I just need to know how to get the theoretical yield from the information it already gives me from the problem.

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