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Homework Help: 7th grade socal studies

Posted by Delilah on Wednesday, September 26, 2012 at 7:49pm.

According to Confucius, a society will be healthy if people (1 point)

choose a ruler who inspires fear.
obey their rulers without question.
treat each other with respect.
give each other money.

Two key products China traded with other countries were (1 point)

silk and porcelain.
books and camels.
gold and silver.
fish and grain.

What helped spread knowledge throughout China during its golden ages? (1 point)

porcelain tablets
the Grand Canal

What helped to protect Japan from invasion? (1 point)

its language
the sea around it
a harsh desert
the army of Kublai Kahn

What did samurai do for their daimyo? (1 point)

attack them
tend their fields
teach them Japanese
protect them

One influence of Europeans on Japan was (1 point)

the building of larger ships.
less fighting among warring daimyo.
the introduction of Christianity.
the expansion of the feudal system.

What religion did India's Mughal conquerors follow? (1 point)


Which of the following contributed to the decline of the Mughal Empire? (1 point)

Shah Jahan was overcome by grief after his wife's death.
Tamerlane invaded.
Aurangzeb tried to force Hindus to convert to the Muslim faith.
The emperor became a Hindu.

What is one lasting result of the early Muslim invasions of India? (1 point)

All Indians read and write in the same language.
India is still ruled by a Muslim king.
Religious differences still divide Hindus and Muslims.
India is a Muslim country.


Akbar realized that the best way to make his empire peaceful was to
(1 point)

forbid anyone to practice religion.

grant Hindus more power than Muslims.

grant Muslims more power than Hindus.

be fair to people of different religions.

I know these are a lot of questions, but I do not understand some of them, can somebody please help!!!! This paper is due Friday!!!!


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