February 28, 2017

Homework Help: Physics. Please help. Thanks

Posted by sk8rgurl on Wednesday, September 26, 2012 at 2:50am.

in the last three years, Fred's basketball team won 30 more games than they lost. if they won 150 games, what was their ratio of wins to losses? What are three different ways to show the ratio?

what is the unit rate if Ramon drives his car 180 miles in 3 hours?

what is the unit rate if 9 water molecules contain 27 atoms?

Tiffany paid 46 cents for 3 ounces of candy. Tony paid 76 cents for 13 ounces of the same candy. who made the better buy?

Larry took 17 minutes to do 10 math problems. Mary took 16 minutes to do 9 math problems. which one did more problems per min?

if a recipe calls for 15 fl oz of punch mix per 3 qt of water. whats the unit rate?

Kim walked 3 miles in 21 min. ted walked 4.5 miles in 42 minute. who walked faster?

there are 62 girls in the 7th grade and 58 boys in the 8th grade. each grade has 120 students. compare the ratios of boys to the total students in each grade

Matt has 6 racing games and 8 other sports games. what is a ratio of racing games to total games?

1. not sure
2. 180mi/3hrs. Ramon drives 180 miles per 3 hours
3. 1atom/3molecules there is 1 atom per 3 molecules
4. yes
5. Larry
6. 5oz/1qt
7. ted
8. not sure
9. 3/4
Am I right? Please help me???

Thank ya, sk8rgurl13! ☺

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