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*The number has 8 digits, none of the digits are the same.

*It is evenly divisible by 10.
*The value of one of the digits is 80,000
*The digit in the millions place is the largest 1-digit odd number.
*The digit in the thousands place is 3 less than the digit in the millions place.
*The digit in the hundreds place is half the digit in the thousands place.
*The digit in the tens place is 2 more than the digit in the ones place.
*The digit in the hundred thousands place is the largest single-digit factor of 25.
*The digit in the ten millions place is an even number.

WHAT IS THE DIGIT? _ _,_ _ _,_ _ _?

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    number: xxxxxxxx

    divisible by 10: xxxxxxx0
    one digit is 80,000: xxx8xxx0
    millions is largest: x9x8xxx0
    1000s - millions-3: x9x86xx0
    100s = half of 1000s: x9x863x0
    tens = ones+2: x9x86320
    factor of 25: x9586320
    1st digit even: 49586320

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    I disagree because the Algebraic Notation Method has more complicated steps than the Expanded Notation Method

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