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describe the structure of the central(federal) government under the Articles of Confederation. What revolutionary principles were enacted though this structure? Why did the structure fail to created an enduring government?

It was designed to be weak, which was why it could not be a lasting government.It had too little power over the states and was often ignored by state governments. It lacked the authority to tax and exercise control over the states. It could not pays off its debt from the war.

What should I add? and also I don't know how to answer "what revolutionary principles were enacted through this structure?" Thanks!

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    Also add that no national statutes could be passed without the approval of all 13 states, making federal laws difficult to pass. You already mentioned the fact that the central government was meant to be weak and did not have the power to tax, which are the revolutionary principles enacted. In addition, the inability to raise taxes prevented a standing federal militia, which was another main revolutionary idea, the fear of a standing army to make the central govt tyrannical

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