May 28, 2016

Homework Help: Physic

Posted by Hieu Chu on Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 10:48am.

Can anyone help me with this question> Thanks you

You are part of a team to help design the atrium of a new building. Your boss, the manager of the project, wants to suspend a 24.0 kg sculpture high over the room by hanging it from the ceiling using thin, clear fishing line (string) so that it will be difficult to see how the sculpture is held up. The only place to fasten the fishing line is to a wooden beam, which runs around the edge of the room at the ceiling. She suggests attaching two lines to the sculpture to be safe. Each line would come from the opposite side of the ceiling to attach to the hanging sculpture. Her initial design has one line making an angle of 20o with the ceiling and the other line making an angle of 40o with the ceiling. She knows you took physics, so she asks you to determine the weight (in Newtons) the fishing line needs to be able to support.

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