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I've got a similar question as a previous student.

What is a minimum volume (in gallons) of ethylene glycol (CH2OHCH2OH, an antifreeze) that has to be added to 3.00 gal of water if you desire this engine cooling solution (for a auto radiator) NOT to be frozen below - 25.9 oC - a very cold Siberian or Canadian winter temperature?

The density of water and the antifreezer is 0.9975 g/mL and 1.141 g/mL respectively.

Hint: You must first calculate a minimum value of the required molality of the antifreezer first, then find the reqiuired volume based on it.

What is molar mass of ethylene glycol? g/mol

The required molality of ethylene glycol: m

The required volume of ethylene glycol: gal.

I've got the mass and I've got the molality but I can't get from there to the gallons of ethylene glycol would be needed. I'm missing the steps there so any help would be great. Thanks!

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