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A sphere of radius 4 cm iss carved from a homogenous sphere of radius 8cm and mass 160g. the mass of the smaller sphere is

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    Since the material is same, the density is also same. The formula for mass of the sphere m =Volume x density
    =4/3 (pi) (r)^3 x density
    m1= 160g, r1=8cm.
    r2=4cm, m2=?
    160=4/3 (pi) (8)^3x density-----(1)
    m2=4/3 (pi) (4)^3x density-----(2)
    now equation (2)/(1)
    m2/160= (4)^3/(8)^3
    m2=(4/8)^3 x 160
    =20 gm
    simple formula is
    m2=(r2/r1)^3 x m1

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