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The safe level of radon gas at home is 4X10e-12 Ci/L or less. If you measure radon levels in the basement what is the maximum number of Ci that could be safe to find in a basement with dimensions of 12 ft x 15 ft x 6 ft?

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    12 ft = ? cm
    15 ft = ? cm
    6 ft = ? cm.
    volume basement = length cm x width cm x height cm = volume in cubic cm = cc.
    !000 cc = 1 L
    4E-12 Ci/L x volume basement = ?

    Note: I believe your notation of 4 x 10e-12 is redundant. I think you write
    4E-12 OR 4 x 10^-12 but not both.

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    thanks a lot big help

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