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A projectile is fired from ground level with an initial velocity of 50m/s and an initial angle of 30degree. Assuming g= 9.8 m/s*2, find:
(a) The projectile total time of flight.
(b) The maximum height attained
(c) The total horizontal traveled
(d) The final horizontal and vertical velocities just before it hits the ground

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    h = 50*sin30° t - 4.9t^2
    = 25t - 4.9t^2
    = t(25-4.9t)

    (a) h=0 at t=0 and t=5.10

    (b) max height achieved at t = 25/9.8 = 2.55
    h(2.55) = 31.9

    (c) x = 5.10 * 50 * cos 30° = 220.8

    (d) speeds same as at launch

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