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1. After J spent 3/7 of his money and M spent 1/3 of his, they both had the same amount of money. If J had $408 less than M at first, how much money had M left?

2. 1/4 of the amount of water in a small fish tank is equal to 1/2 a pail. If the tank contains 9litres more water than the pail,what is the capacity of the pail?

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    J -3/7 J = M - 1/3 M
    4/7 J = 2/3 M
    J = M - 408

    Hmmm. I get a negative for J and M.

    However, if the problem is revised to read J had $408 more than M, then

    J = 2856, M = 2448, and M had 816 left

    t/4 = p/2
    t = p+9

    tank = 18 pail = 9

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