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algebra 2

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two trains leave the dallas port going in opposite directions. if one train goes 56 miles per hour, and the other goes 52 miles per hour how long will it take them to be 363 miles apart?

how do i set up this problem?

  • algebra 2 -

    Use the standard formula
    D = RT , (distance = rate x time)

    let the time taken by each train be t hours
    1st train went 56t miles
    2nd train went 52t miles

    56t + 52t = 363
    108t = 363
    t = 363/108 = 3.36111. hrs
    = 3 hours and .36111(60) minute
    = 3 hrs and appr 22 minutes

  • algebra 2 -

    give the domain and range of the relation x,2,8,0,-3,and y,5,17,0,5,

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