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1. What makes “The Seafarer” an elegy?
a.It celebrates the speaker’s faith in God.
b.It describes a strong and fearless traveler.
c.It focuses on feelings of loss and mourning.

2. What is the fate of the speaker in “The Wanderer”?
a.He must endure a perilous journey.
b.He is forgotten by his lord and comrades.
c.He cannot be forgiven by his family.

3. What mood is conveyed by the words, “I am all longing,” in l. 29 of “The Wife’s Lament”?
a. angry
b. frantic
c. hopeless

4. Which of the following sentences displays an incorrect use of interjections?
a. No I have not told Laura about the surprise!
b. Great! I will make a reservation for the restaurant right away.
c. Well, now that I think about it, maybe we should choose another date for the dinner.

5. Which of the following is the denotative meaning of the word child? a. young person
b. brat
c. little one

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