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25.00 mL of heavy water (D2O where D is a hydrogen with a neutron in its nucleus) at 20 degrees C was pipetted into a 37.234 g beaker. The final mass of the beaker was 64.859 9

a- what is the density of heavy water at 20 degrees C

b-The density of normal water (the hydrogens do not have neutrons) at 20 degrees C is 0.9982 g/mL. Calculate the density you would expect for heavy water by assuming the deuterium 2H or 2D is the same as normal hydrogen 1H when it is part of the water.

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    mass D2O + beaker = 64.859
    mass empty beaker.= -37.234
    .........mass D2O = ??
    Then density = mass/volume
    V = 25.00 in the problem.

    I don't understand b.

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