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You are planning to save for retirement over the next 35 years. To do this, you will invest $770 a month in a stock account and $370 a month in a bond account. The return of the stock account is expected to be 9.7 percent, and the bond account will pay 5.7 percent. When you retire, you will combine your money into an account with a 6.7 percent return.How much can you withdraw each month from your account assuming a 30-year withdrawal period?

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    Assuming the rates are annual rates compounded monthly
    amount of stock account = 770(1.0080833..^420 - 1)/.00808333.. = 2706320.70
    amount from bonds = 370(1.00475^420 - 1)/.00475 = 492104.61

    total available = 3198425.31

    This will become the Present Value of the annuity
    let the annuity payment be x

    3198425.31 = x(1 - 1.00558333..^-360)/.00558333
    x = 20638.73

    check my arithmetic

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