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1-Which of the following statements about literary movements is NOT true? (1 point)

A A literary movement is a period that shares a particular set of ideas, concerns, or characteristics.

B Ideas, concerns, or characteristics may be shared by literary movements.

C Literary movements may overlap in time.

D American literature consists of five literary movements.

2-William Bradford wrote Of Plymouth Plantation and (1 point)

A "To My Dear and Loving Wife."
B The Day of Doom.
C The Voyage of the Mayflower.
D The Mayflower Compact.

3-If your teacher says your excuse for not doing your homework sounds dubious, she

A believes you.
B doubts you.
C pities you.
D is angry with you.

4-Which of the following phrases does NOT appear in the Declaration of Independence?

A life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

B all men are created equal

C these Colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent states

D we the people of the United States

5- A unanimous declaration means (1 point)

A the author is unknown.
B the writers are in complete agreement.
C the document is legal and binding.
D a list of grievances is attached.
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