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Word bank: Adverse arid assailant billow confront constrain contemporary depict disinterested encompass groundless hypocrite incomprehensible manipulate maximum mimic ruffle serene sheepish stamina

She has many interesting ideas but she seems to lack the physical and mental (stamina assailant) to make good use of them

The (adverse sheepish) publicity that he received during the investigation was probsly the cause of his defeat in the next election

Do you think it would be a good idea to set a (maximum comtemporary) figure for the amount of homework any teacher is allowed to assign?

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    I agree with all three of your answers.

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    After giving a few (sheepish serene) excuses the swimmers packed up and left the private beach

    Anyone who has ever sailed a small black boat knows how thrilling it is to feel the spray in your face while the sails (billow enxompass) overhead

    After many storms years in the service of his country George Washington retired to (serene adverse) life of his beloved Mount Vernon

    After living for many years in that roomy old farmhouse I felt awfully (arid constrained) in that small apartment.

    My idea of a(n) (assailant hypocrite) is a person who gives advice that he or she is not wiling to follow

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    All right, again!

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    His decision not to accept our sincere offer of assistance is completely (disinterested incomprehensible) to me

    I didn't want to (ruffle manipulate) the feelings of the hotel manager but I felt that I had to complain about the miserable service

    Martin Luther King Jr and Robert F Kennedy were (comtempraries mimics) born within a few years from each other

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    We expected the lecture on the energy crisis to be exciting but it turned out to be an (ruffled arid) rundown of well known facts and figures

    Despite the fact that she was in shock the victim gave a clear description of her (hypocrite assailant)

    the since program in our school (depicts encompasses) biography chemistry and physics and other related sources

    What a relief that my parents had been delayed by a storm and that all my fears about an accident were (groundless maximum)

    She had gained success as a writer who knows how to (confront depict) in a lifelike way the hopes fears and problems of young people today

    instead of working so hard to (mimic ruffle) popukar tv stars why don't you try to develop an acting style yourself

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    I disagree with your answer about the SCIENCE program.

    The others are correct.

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