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Chemistry- rate laws

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CH3CHO decomposes into methane gas and carbon monoxide gas. This is a 2nd order reaction. Rate of decomposition at 140 degrees Celsius is .10M/s when the concentration of CH3CHO is .010. What is the rate of the reaction when the concentration of CH3CHO is .50M?

Have not been able to figure this out, but the answer is 2.5 x10^2 mol L-1 s-1

Please help and show work!

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    rate for second order rxn = k(A)^2
    0.1 = k(0.01)^2
    Solve for k.

    Then substitute k into
    rate = k(A)^2 with A = 0.5 and solve for rate. The answer is 250 which i 2.5E2.

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