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The space probe Deep Space 1 was launched on October 24, 1998. Its mass was 474 kg. The goal of the mission was to test a new kind of engine called an ion propulsion drive. This engine generated only a weak thrust, but it could do so over long periods of time with the consumption of only small amounts of fuel. The mission was spectacularly successful. At a thrust of 56 mN how many days were required for the probe to attain a velocity of 730 m/s (1630 mi/h), assuming that the probe started from rest and that the mass remained nearly constant?

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    Thrust x Time = change im momentum
    = 474 kg* 730m/s

    Solve for the time, which will be in seconds, and convert thzt to days.

    They expect you to ignore the gravity of distant planets and the sun.

    This doesn't look very stressful.

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