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Math(Please check, urgent)

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y=1.5 + 76.95t-(1/2)(9.8)t2 = 303.6

I am not sure how to arrive at this answer. I am confused because there is a t and a t^2. Thank you for your help!

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    Use the quadratic formula.

    You be able to do work of this nature you MUST have learned how to solve a quadratic equation.

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    Yes but I always set it up incorrectly.

    so [76.95 +/- sqrt (76.95^2 - 4(4.9)(-1.5)] / 9.8

    Did I set this up correctly?

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    -4.9t^2 + 76.95t - 302.1 = 0
    4.9t^2 - 76.95t + 302.1 =0


    t = (76.95 ± √(76.95^2 - 4(4.9)(302.1))/9.8

    see if you can get t = 18.856 or -3.252

    what happened to your 303.6 in the opening equation?

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    I was using this equation as an example to try to help myself understand something but I think I may have set it up incorrectly. What I am trying to do is find the y max of a projectile using the equation y = yo + (vo sin Q ) t -1/2gt^2.

    I keep plugging in my values for the angles and vO but I cant seem to get y.

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    Please disregard. Thank you.

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