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A policeman travelling 60 km/h spots a speeder ahead , so he accelerates his vehicle at a steady rate of 2.22 m/s^2 for 4.00 s, at which time he catches up with the speeder.
a) How fast was the policeman travelling in m/s?
b) How fast is the police car travelling after 4.00 s? Give answer in both m/s and km/h?
c) If the speeder has a constant velocity, sketch the motion of both the speeder and police car on a speed vs. time graph?

  • Physics -

    a. Vo=60km/h = 60,000m/3600s=16.67m/s.

    b. V=Vo + at = 16.67 + 2.22*4 =25.55m/s.

    V = 0.02555km/s * 3600s/h = 92 km/h.

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