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1. If you became confused and did not know whether a flask contains an aqueous layer or an organic layer, how would you find out which it is?

2. Write a balanced reaction for the reaction of Aspirin is precipitated from the basic aqueous solution by the addition of HCl.

3. Extractions often use methylene chloride or diethyl ether as an organic solvent. Why is ethanol not appropriate fro the organic solvent?

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    1. Add water and observe to which layer it adds.

    2. I can't draw that on this forum. Look at the formula, replace the -COOH group with -COONa and that will be the sodium salt. Start with that,add HCl. The product is aspirin + NaCl.
    3. Because ethanol and water are miscible in all proportions. For extraction you must have an aqueous layer and a non-aqueous layer and the non-aq layer must not be soluble in water; i.e., you want two layers.

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