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Wes and Lindsay stand on the roof of a building. Wes leans over the edge and drops an apple. Lindsay waits, 1.25s afrer Wes releases his fruit and throws an orange straight down at 28 m/s. Both pieces of fruit hit the ground simultaneously. Calculate the common height from which the fruit were released. Ignore the effects of air resistence.

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    the height is the same, as is the time (one is 1.25 seconds longer)

    happle=1/2 g t^2
    horante=-28*(t-1.25)+1/2 g (t-1.25)^2

    solve for t in the first equation

    put that t into the second equation
    h=-28(sqrt(2h/g) - 1.25)-4.9(sqrt (2h/g)-1.25)^2

    expand this out, the height h divides out, solve for t. Then, calculate h.

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    Bob, Im not getting the same answer when i do plug in the H into finding the height of the apples and oranges

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