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Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region bounded by the line y=5x+6 and the parabola y=x^2 about the following lines:

a) the line x=6
b) the line x=-1
c)the x axis
d) the line y=36


  • Calculus -

    the curves intersect at (-1,1) and (6,36)
    The x-line rotations all work the same way. Shells probably work best:

    v = ∫[-1,6] 2pi * r * h dx
    where r is 6-x or 1+x and h = (5x+6)-x^2
    simple polynomial

    for the y-line axes, maybe discs work best, but you'll have to use washers, since the discs will have holes in them.

    v = ∫[-1,6] pi * (R^2-r^2) dx
    where R=(y-6)/5 and r = x^2
    again simple polynomials to integrate.

    Come on back if you get stuck.

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