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Geodetic Survey

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a surveyor is trying to determine the change in hight h from the bottom to the top of a hill. If the height of instrument H is 4.5 ft the height of the object that he sights on the tower A is 6.5 ft and the zenith angle Z is 54deg 16' 25" determine the height of H (the hill) Assume that the horizontal distance (s) between the surveying instrument and the object (s) is 120.30 ft.

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    Unless you're very experienced in the area, it would simplify your thought process by drawing a diagram as described by the question.

    Here is more or less what you should have:

    You will need to solve for the height H using the tangent/cotangent ratio.

    The difference between the bottom and top of the hill is therefore
    H + 4.5 - 6.5 feet.

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