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A partly-full paint can has 0.83 U.S. gallons of paint left in it. (a) What is the volume of the paint, in cubic meters? (b) If all the remaining paint is used to coat a wall evenly (wall area = 12 m2), how thick is the layer of wet paint? Give your answer in meters.

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    1 gallon = 0.003785411784 m3

    0.83 gallon =0.00314 m³
    h=V/A = 0.00314 m³/12 m²= 2.62•10^-4 m = 0.262 mm

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    Well, after you find the answer to (a) which is simply conversions, you take the answer and divide it by the wall area i.e. 12m^2 in your case.

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