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"The sun emits UV radiation that can have serious health consequences. In particular, so-called UVB radiation is mostly absorbed by the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere (altitudes of 10 - 50 km), but the part that reaches the earth can cause DNA mutations. The highest energy UVB photons have a wavelength of 320 nm. Calculate the energy of a single UVB photon (in Joules) and the energy of one mole of UVB photons (in kJ/mol)."

So, I'm pretty sure the first part of the question is unnecessary info. I think that I can calculate the energy in Joules by using E=hc/320nm. For that I'm getting 6.21 x 10^-19 J. I just need help finding the energy of one mole of UVB photons. Do just multiply my answer by Avogadro's number?

An explanation would be awesome, thanks in advance!

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