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a psychologist at a mental hospital was asked to determine whether there was any clear difference in the length of stay of patients with different categories of diagnosis. looking at the last 4 patients in each of the 3 major categories , the results in terms of weeks and stay where as follows:
Diagnosis Category
Affective Disorders Cognitive Disorders Drug-Related Conditions
7 12 8
6 8 10
5 9 12
6 11 10

(a) Using the .05 level and the five steps of hypothesis testing, is there a significant difference in length of stay among diagnosis categories? (b) Sketch the distributions involved.(c) Figure the effect size for the study. (d) Explain your answer to part (a) to someone who understands everything involved in conducting a t test for independent means but is unfamiliar with the analysis of variance(e) Test the significance of planned contrasts (using the .05 level without a Bonferroni correction) for affective disorders versus drug-related conditions and (f) cognitive disorders versus drug-related conditions. (g) Explain your answers to parts (e) and (f) to a person who understands analysis of variance but is unfamiliar with planned contrasts

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    We do not do your homework for you. Although it might take more effort to do the work on your own, you will profit more from your effort. We will be happy to evaluate your work though.

    However, the sample seems to be too small to come to any definite conclusion.

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