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Posted by Jerald on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at 7:55pm.

Word Bank : apparel besiege compress denounce dispatch douse expressly famished forsake gainful immense inept ingenious instantaneous irk libel misgiving oaf recede repast

Some people hailed the man as a genius others ____ him as a quack

Your ____ can be neat and attractive without being expensive.

Since it was well past their lunchtime by the time we arrived home the children were ____

When you are really hungry even the simplest foods will be a delicious ___

You had no right to call me a clumsy ____ just because I spilled water on you

Lets make a certain to ___ the fire before leaving camp

When you play tennis for the first time you are going to find that your attempts to hit the ball are very ___

If you ____ all the items as much as possible you will be able to get everything into a single suitcase

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