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Richard is driving home to visit his parents. 125 of the trip are on the interstate highway where the speed limit is 65 . Normally Richard drives at the speed limit, but today he is running late and decides to take his chances by driving at 72 .

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    So Richard is traveling 125 miles and covers this distance in 65mph. This is Richards intial time 1.92 hour (125m/65mph). The final time which is him covering the same distance in 72mph is 1.74 h (125m/72mph). To determine how much time he saves just take the difference of the two. So 1.92-1.74 =0.18 hour. Now to determine what this is in minutes just multiply 0.18 by 60 and your answer will be 10.8 minutes. This is the time he saves by driving 72mph instead of 65.

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