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Posted by Ava on Monday, September 10, 2012 at 7:53pm.

Analyzing Elements of a Scientific Method

Read the following statements and then answer each question below.

1. You and your friend are walking along a beach in Maine on January 15, at 8:00 am.

2. You notice a thermometer on a nearby building that reads -1 degrees C.

3. You also notice that there is snow on the roof of the building and icicles hanging from the roof.

4. You further notice a pool of sea water in the sand near the ocean.

5. Your friend looks at the icicles and the pool and says, "How come the water on the roof is frozen and the sea water is not?"

6. You answer, "I think that the salt in the sea water keeps it from freezing at -1 degrees C."

7. You go on to say, "And I think under the same conditions, the same thing will happen tomorrow."

8. Your friend asks, "How can you be sure?" You answer, "I'm going to get some fresh water and some salt water and expose them to a temperature of -1 degrees C and see what happens."


A. Which statement states a problem?

B. Which statements contains data (information)?

C. Which statement contains a hypothesis?

D. In which statement is an experiement described?

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