March 27, 2017

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1.) One of the trials in this week's experiment in chemical kinetics was determined to be 10.60 seconds. Evaluate log10(rate).

log10(rate) =

Would I just plug 10.60 in for the rate?

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    I'd say no.

    rate is a speed
    10.6 seconds is a time.

  • chemistry. am i doing this right? - ,

    how do i find the rate then?

  • chemistry. am i doing this right? - ,

    no idea - read the problem again. Something is changing, and it changed by some amount in 10.6 seconds.

    For example, if it's some volume, and it changed by 10m^3 in 10.6 seconds, then the rate would be

    10m^3/10.6s = 0.94m^3/s

    That is a rate

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    I'm almost certain the thing changing is moles of one of the reactants or products.

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    the answer is -log(10.6)
    dont forget the negative

    no, it doesn't make any sense to me, but i just did that same problem and that was the right answer

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