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A model rocket blasts off from the ground, rising straight upward with a constant acceleration that has a magnitude of 76.0 m/s2 for 1.90 seconds, at which point its fuel abruptly runs out. Air resistance has no effect on its flight. What maximum altitude (above the ground) will the rocket reach?

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    After t = 1.9 seconds, it attains a height of
    H = (a/2) t^2 = 137.2 m
    and a velocity of
    V = a*t = 144.4 m/s

    As the kinetic energy is converted to gravitational energy at maximum altitude, it will rise an additional distance H' given by
    g*H' = V^2/2
    H' = 1064 m

    The maximum altitude is H + H'

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    I still am not understanding how to obtain the answer

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