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When a parent gives a child a time-out for misbehavior, the parent is using what type of sanction?
a) Positive formal
b) Positive informal
c) Negative formal
d) Negative informal

I'm thinking either (b) or (d)

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    Which is it? Negative or positive?

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    Yes, time outs are negative reinforcements.

    Are you sure its informal and not formal? How does your book distinguish between these?

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    Positive Negative
    Informal Smile, Frown,
    pat on the back criticize,
    push away

    Formal Prize, Get fired,
    medal, ceremony jail,
    death penalty

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    Thanks. It looks like a time out is a negative formal reinforcement.

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    Positive informal - Smile, pat on the back

    Negative informal - Frown, criticize, push away

    Positive formal - Prize, medal, ceremony

    Negative formal - Get fired, jail, death penalty

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