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the final grade for a particular course is calculated by dividing total points earned by total points available. There are 6 quizzes worth 15 points each, and 2 exams worth 50 points each. If a student earns 67 points total on the quizzes and wants to get at least 86% in the course, at least how many points must they earn on the exams in total?

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    Total possible points = 6(15) + 2(50) = 190

    190 (.86) = 163.4

    67 + x ≥ 163.4

    Solve for x.

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    Iam a number between 20 and 30 one of my factors is 4 the sum of my digits is 10 what number am I

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    The numbers with factor of 4 between 20 and 30 are 20, 24, and 28. Which sum to 10?

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    Indicate your subject in the "School Subject" box, so those with expertise in the area will respond to the question. You just lucked out with me.

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    Sorry, I pasted the wrong info previously.

    If you have a question, it is much better to put it in as a separate post in <Post a New Question> rather than attaching it to a previous question, where it is more likely to be overlooked.

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