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Assume that the student
has a cup with 13 writing implements: 7 pencils, 4 ball
point pens, and 2 felt-tip pens.
In how many ways can the selection be made if no more than one ball
point pen is selected?

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    The question is not clear.
    Must he choose one of each?
    Could he just take 1 pencil?

    I will assume anything goes, except must be 0 ballpoint or 1 ball point

    two ways to pick the ball points, either pick none or one
    8 ways to pick the pencil, either pick none, or pick one, or pick 2 .... or pick 7
    3 ways to pick the felt-tips, either pick one, or pick one , or pick 2

    number of possible selections = 2x8x5 = 80

    but that would include the 1 case of picking no pencil, picking no ballpoint and picking no felt-tip

    so final number of ways = 80-1 = 79

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