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Language Arts

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1. "Outstanding" is a compound word. Think about what its two parts, "out" and "standing" mean. What does "outstanding" most likely mean?

a. exceptional
b. obvious
c. standing outside
d. tall

To answer questions 2 and 3 identfiy whether the capitalized word in the sentences below are used as participles or verbs.

2. I really need to get a WORKING carger for my phone.

a. participle
b. verb

3. She's an EXPERIENCED chef; she should have no trouble finding work.

a. participle
b. verb

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    Can you check my answers.


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    All three answers are incorrect.

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    what are the right ones

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    You can look up the meanings of words here.

    Participles are verb forms being used as adjectives:
    Read carefully and study this.

    Verbs (the ones with subjects!) are needed to form complete sentences:

    Let us know what you decide.

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    Actually, Yoda's answer for question number 3 is correct; Writeacher was wrong about that.

    The correct answers are:

    Hope I helped. :)

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