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Algebra I

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Find the multiplicative inverse of the number.


Please explain and give steps as well. Thank you.

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    The multiplicative inverse of the number is that number which when multiplied gives you 1

    so (?)(-9) = 1

    must be -1/9

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    oh okay but what about fractions and mixed numbers?

  • Algebra I -

    To form the multiplicative inverse of a fraction , simply take its reciprocal,

    e.g. for 4/7 , its x-inverse is 7/4
    (4/7)(7/4) = 28/28 = 1

    To form the multiplicative inverse of a mixed fraction, change the mixed fraction to an improper fraction and proceed as above

    e.g. 4 3/5
    = 23/5
    so the x-inverse is 5/23

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    Oh okay, i see thank you!

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