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Math Qs. Check!!!!!!

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Jake puts pennies into a jar each morning and lets his brother take haft of the pennies out each morning. Jake put 10 pennies into the empty jar on Monday morning. On Tuesday he put in 15 pennies. One Wednesday he put in 12 pennies. How many pennies are in the jar on Thursday morning before Jake puts his pennies in?
a) 37 pennies
b) 18 pennies
c) 11 pennies
d) 19 pennies
Monday morning: Jake put 10 pennies - his brother took haft - 5
Tuesday Morning: he puts 15 pennies - his brother took haft - 7.5 (that's haft of 15, you divide by 2)
Wednesday Morning: he put in 12 pennies - his brother took haft - 6

I need help!!!! Please help me
I don't get this question.

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    Monday Jake put in 10 pennies and his brother took out 5, leaving 5 pennies.

    Tuesday, Jake put in in 15 pennies, so the jar now has 20 pennies. The brother takes out 10, leaving 10.

    Wednesday, he put in 12, now totalling 22; his brother took out half -- leaving 11 pennies.

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    thank you soo much

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    You're very welcome.

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