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Honors Pre-Calculus

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The prompt says "Graph each function. Determine the interval[s] for which the function is increasing and the interval[s] for which the function is decreasing."

The problems that are given in this prompt are:

1. y= x^3+3x^2-9x

2. f(x)=1/(x+1)-4

3. g(x)=(x^2+5)/(x-2)

I need mega help..

  • Honors Pre-Calculus -

    how far along are you? Can you tell when a function is increasing or decreasing?

    First step: try sketching the graphs as asked. You've had a couple of years of algebra now, so you should be able to find roots, asymptotes, etc.

    You can also visit

    for some excellent help. Play around there and get a feel for how these functions work.

  • Honors Pre-Calculus -

    I got the first one. I guess what I don't understand is the Asymptotes. Do I include them in my answer?
    Cause, I feel like they have to be included.

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